Juken has acquired a discreet reputation over the years for providing strategic consultancy to select clients which include government bodies, local public listed companies and some of the largest IT and consumer product corporations in the world. Due to our respect and compliance to the secrecy and/or non-disclosure undertaking, we are not able to disclose their names.

Our consultancy approach, which is consistent with our profile, is based on .thinking globally and acting locally. with a knowledge-and-value driven style but customized to the specific needs of our clients. We do much more than just act as the middleman, agent or public relations office for our clients. As a strategic consultant, we research, analyze and strategize for our clients in order to achieve maximum impact and give positive value on any project or event. However, we are selective on the types of clients, projects and cases we take up and they should generally be based on good and ethical win-win principles and values and should also have real merit.

Our special and unique strength as a strategic consultant is our quick understanding of the .big picture. and ability to integrate or .package. in the right manner the various components normally required in any project or event such PR & media, marketing, business development, issues trouble-shooting, trend analysis, dealing with interest group/s concerned and liaising with the relevant government entities.

Our latest focus of integrated consultancy has also been on "scenario planning" - advising, strategizing and helping organizations to plan ahead and be prepared for certain plausible scenarios which may affect their projects, investments or operations especially in a relatively unknown and risky environment. Factors such as health, security, environmental disasters, new regulatory policies, hurricanes, community relations and political uncertainty which may impede the movement of goods, services, people and capital will be taken into account in the planning.

As a strategic think-tank firm, we have also been monitoring and analyzing the regional and global bird flu situation for many months now. Based on the views of global experts, it is only a question of "when" and not "if" as far as the avian flu pandemic is concerned and when it takes place, many large organizations in Malaysia which are not well prepared to deal with it by then would face severe and negative consequences on their operations.

The Government, via the Ministry of Health, to demonstrate the seriousness of the threat, has already come out with a "National Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan" to inform the public on the strategies and actions to be taken by the authorities in the event of a pandemic. In such an event, the Government would be overstretched in its manpower and other resources and it can only cater to the needs of public healthcare, maintenance of vital services, control of the spread of the flu via quarantine, immigration and other measures and the dissemination of information. Large organizations are expected to fend for themselves to ensure the survival and continuity of their operations, business or otherwise. It therefore makes sense for large organizations to start preparing for it now.

Our country has been relatively shielded from major calamities or disasters so far which tend to make many Malaysian companies here more complacent that they should be. Our firm is in the process of producing a general report aimed at advising large corporations in this country on how to prepare and plan for the worst-case scenario of a bird flu pandemic, i.e. when the mutated bird flu virus is able to spread from human to human.

Our consultancy work is handled directly by our top management. Please contact the CEO, Mr K.K. Tan for any inquiries.

March 2008