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Jukenworld Sdn. Bhd. (Juken) was set up in Kuala Lumpur as a management, training and special PR consultancy firm in 1994. Juken is registered with the Ministry of Finance as an IT contractor for all classes and is also a government licensed service tax firm.

Juken's current business focus can broadly be classified into two main areas of strategic management consultancy and project development. Both these areas are supported by an in-house research think-tank unit, which also operates independently to provide social, economic and political analyses on major local and global issues for publishing in the press and for various non-profit and just causes.

The firm is largely knowledge and project driven. It has a unique and dynamic research database (updated daily) of nearly 800 files of various entities, including important issues, countries and significant leaders and organizations, locally and globally with a strong focus on knowledge development.

Juken has also developed a meaningful two-way understanding of and rapport with the media, (especially the press), industry and the public sector.

Juken bases its management philosophy on thinking globally (in acquiring expertise/ technology, research, analyzing trends and drawing lessons) and acting locally (in implementing projects with a clear understanding of local culture, change management and other sensitivities).

The firm can perhaps be described as a "jack of all trades but master of some". Its main ability is in putting together all the complicated pieces of a complex issue into a meaningful "big picture" with a discerning eye for certain details which are more significant than others.

Juken's main strength lies in its:

  • business and market intelligence
  • sound knowledge of issues involved
  • strategic approach and "thinking outside the box" outlook to managing issues and utilizing technology and
  • strong networking with all sectors

Amongst Jukenworld's clients are Government bodies, large public listed firms and some of the worlds largest IT corporations.

One area that Juken has a sound track record with an in-depth local and global knowledge and understanding is on the issue of environment and its various complexities. Sustainable development is still often only a buzzword and an elusive dream of many organizations and governments but the firm has been promoting a correct balance for both business and environmental projects for them to be sustainable on a long term basis.

For its consultancy work, Juken prides itself in being innovative and creative to produce constructive, ethical and realistic win-win solutions for its clients and all stakeholders concerned.

The other main area of Juken's work is in project development where it is working synergistically with relevant technology providers on certain selective and innovative projects (with strategic value) such as:

  • Development of Cyberim, which is an innovative project to provide smart solutions all in one box featuring content filtering, peer-to-peer (P2P) filtering, web caching, bandwidth management, compression, firewall and routing in an integrated manner to enable organizations to make more intelligent use of the Internet and their network infrastructure.

  • Development of a solution-driven project on addressing dyslexia, a major learning problem affecting nearly 500,000 children in Malaysia. There is currently little understanding about this syndrome and almost nothing available locally on remedies. Juken's dyslexia project is dedicated to improving understanding on and providing remedies for dyslexic children.

Recently, the firm has taken a more visible and intensive approach in providing research, analyses and writings on important global issues. The first such research-based project is in the recent production and publication of a major handbook entitled The Great Software Debate Open, Free Or Proprietary? in early 2003. This book is the first comprehensive attempt in the world to explain the current global controversy regarding open source software (OSS) versus proprietary software. The book has been highly acclaimed by the press and industry and is available on

Another important area the firm is currently working on is cyber and network security and it is using and smartly integrating some of the latest software and appliances available in addressing the increasing threats of virus and worms attacks and commercial espionage. It provides IT security assessment and audit and the subsequent "cleaning up" of the entire computer network. It is also able to put into place an advanced protective system to minimize future intrusions or attacks.

Updated May 2006

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